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Blue Rapid Pro R606 Staple & Brad

Blue Rapid Pro R606 Staple & Brad

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NEW Blue Rapid PRO R606 Electric Staple Gun

Includes Free Metal Carry Case +
1 box of 606/25 (720) staples +
1 box of 8/25 Brads (1000)

Professional electric staple gun. Excellent staple performance in both hard and soft wood.
Perfect balance enables one hand operation leaving the other hand free to work with the material.


Adjustable impact setting through Focused Power the higher the power, the harder the stapling
Recoil free action
Safety trigger
High durability and long life time
Removable front plate for easy removal of jammed staples
3.5 meter cord
No 606 narrow crown staples 12-25 mm, No8 brads 12-25 mm, Same Staples as the Maestri ME606


Code 10643015
Color red
Material Plastic, metal and electronics
Dimensions (mm) 80 x 234 x 323
Brads height 15-25 mm
Brads type 18g
Narrow crown staple 606
Staple height 12,15,18,23,25 mm
Staple type 606
Electrical plug Standard European
Max. firing rate/min. 20 shots
Weight (kg) 3.44

Price: 159.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)